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Client: Ministry of Trade | 05/11/2012 - 05/11/2014

Trainning in Negotiation Techniques for the Ministry of Trade Based on the Proposed Partial Scope Agreement Between Belize and Mexico

Trade Policy and Negotiations

  • Review all available documentation, including the negotiating briefs and industry position papers.
  • Discuss with the Chief Negotiator alternatives to strengthen the position, strategy and approach of Belize.
  • Review and recommendations to the composition of the negotiating teams, including the representation of key private sector interests.
  • Attending Negotiation Sessions to assist and provide guidance to the Negotiating Teams.

Capacity Building

  • Design and deliver specific guidance and training to the sectoral negotiating team.
  • Support the Trade Intelligence Unit to prepare the necessary information on tariffs and trade statistics and undertake an analysis on trade in goods (TIG) in preparation to negotiations.
  • Preparation of roundtables with representatives of the private sector on the negotiations of the partial scope agreements Belize – El Salvador and Belize – Mexico.


  • Assessment of the capacities of the negotiating teams and identification of technical gaps that require strengthening.
  • Design and delivery of a tailor made programme of training/coaching for the negotiating team.


  • Workshop to assess the possible impact on the sector of tourism in the context of the Belize-Mexico Partial Scope Agreement and discussion of the negotiating approach for the sector.
  • Preparation of round tables amongst government and private sector participating in negotiating fora: “Market Access including Agriculture, TBT and SPS”, “Rules of Origin and Customs Procedures and “The Legal Framework and Institutional Issues” group.

The rationale of this assignment is to strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Trade, Investment, Private Sector Development and Consumer Protection to engage effectively in trade negotiations and conclude agreements in a manner that result in the best possible negotiation outcome for the country.

Negotiating a Partial Scope Agreement with Mexico to establish a legal framework for trade and investments between both parties. It will strengthen the commercial and economic relations through the facilitation, promotion, diversification and expansion of trade by granting preferential margin on tariffs, eliminating non-tariff barriers to trade, and establishing clear regulations on technical and phyto-sanitary measures.

It also develops an efficient, transparent and effective system to resolve disputes arising from activities provided under the Agreement.

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