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Client: Ministry of Industry | 01/07/2012 - 31/03/2017

Supporting the Economic Integration of Paraguay, AIEP

Project Management

  • Establishing project office facilities and infrastructure in Asunción.
  • Preparing the guidelines to govern identification, preparation, approval, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment of all activities carried out throughout the life of the project.

Trade Facilitation

  • Simplifying and automating pre-and post-customs export procedures.
  • Updating the export procedures management system by integrating new products and functions and optimising procedures for end users.
  • Set up of a Virtual Shop (Design of an informatics platform, development of manuals and user training)

Technical Barriers to Trade (TBTs)

  • Capacity building for public institutions (in particular, the members of the National Sector of the Common Market Group CMG) and private institutions to enable them to overcome the difficulties posed by the TBTs and non-tariff barriers (NTBs).
  • Prepared the Best Practice Guide in technical regulations.
  • Drafted new regulations for spices, medicinal plants, textiles, shoes, metal industries, processed fruits and vegetables.
  • Training in regulatory issues and implementation of risk assessment good practices

Training and Innovation Development

  • Preparation of long-term Technology and Production Training and Innovation Plans in cooperation with the private sector, universities and related public entities (National Science and Technology Commission - NSTC), for implementation in existing production chains.
  • Training programme in the management of Innovation and support in the preparation of a proposal to be submitted to CONACYT (National Council for Science and Technology)
  • Implemented guides to set up management integrated systems in ISO 9001, 14001, 22001 and OSHAS 18001.
  • Facilitating the access of Paraguayan companies to certifications in quality, environment, food safety and occupational health and safety assessment.
  • Benchmarking visits to selected Industrial and Technology parks

Programme Management and Coordination

  • Development of effective coordination structures and processes between (public) administration entities related to foreign trade, other foreign trade related projects and the private sector.
  • Drafting new policies for national Quality System, Competitiveness and Border Development.

The rationale of this assignment is to enhance the economic integration of Paraguay at a national, regional and multilateral level.

The project support is a combination of:

  • Simplifying and automating pre-and post-customs export procedures
  • Establishing strategies to assess Technical Barriers to Trade and Non-Tariff Barriers
  • Supporting private sector joint actions, SMEs, guilds and cooperative associations, universities and research institutes, in particular in the field of innovation, and the strengthening of quality certification systems for businesses

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