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Client: Trade Industry, Finance and Investment (TIFI) Directorate, SADC Secretariat | 01/07/2013 - 01/03/2017

Regional Economic Integration Support (REIS) Programme.

Programme Management

  • Establishment of a Project Coordination Unit in Gaborone.
  • Planning, implementing, reporting and overall management of the REIS programme.
  • Supporting TIFI Directorate management to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation in those areas being supported by the REIS programme.

Finance and Investment

  • Implementation of the SADC Regional Action Plan on Investment including the development of an Investment Policy Framework.
  • Development of a SADC Investment Promotion Agency Co-operation Mechanism and Action Plan
  • Promotion of Co-operation on Taxation agreements, reducing harmful tax competition.
  • Providing training on implementing the regional guidelines on VAT and Excise duties.

Technical Barriers to Trade

  • Support to the development of a regional framework for prioritising the standards harmonisation process and impact assessment.
  • Provision of training for accreditation development in support of SADCAS.
  • Undertaking outreach and awareness- raising activities.

Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards

  • Development and implementation of regional SPS guidelines.
  • Delivering finance sensitisation workshops and undertaking specialist studies.
  • Facilitating the meetings of the Regional SPS Coordinating Committee.
  • Developing a system for monitoring developments in international standard setting bodies.
  • Supporting the monitoring and implementation of regional SPS improvements.

EPA Negotiations

  • Organising specialist services and investment workshops and training.
  • Supporting regulatory reform with specific studies and improving services data quality.
  • Sensitising stakeholders to the benefits and issues relating to the implementation of the full EPA.
  • Facilitating the capacity building of regional academia in analytical research.

Communication and Visibility

  • Prepared Communication and Visibility Plan.
  • Maintaining all collected information accessible through SADC’s website.

The rationale for this project is that providing advisory services to the SADC Secretariat will build institutional capacity and further empower them to facilitate improvements in the movement of goods and services within SADC, to stimulate investment, and to secure WTO compatible market access arrangements between SADC, its EPA group members and the EU. The project beneficiary is the Regional Economic Integration Support Programme (REIS)”, under SADC’s Trade, Industry, Finance and Investment (TIFI) Directorate.

The project support is a combination of the:

  • Implementation of the Protocol on Finance and Investment, in particular in the fields of Investments, payments system and tax coordination.
  • Facilitation of the Regional Trade Agenda, in particular support to the implementation of the TBT Annex and SPS Annex of the SADC Protocol in Trade and Services.
  • Support to the negotiations on the schedule of commitments to be annexed to the Protocol on Trade in Services.
  • Implementation support to the negotiation of the EU-SADC EPA Group.
  • Effective and efficient management and implementation of the REIS programme.

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