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Client: European Comission to Lebanon | 01/01/2012 - 01/04/2013

Support Programme for Infrastructure Sector Strategies and Alternative Financing (SISSAF) - Definition Assignment

Sector Assessment

  • Assessing and fine-tuning the SISSAF Phase I expected results and activities.
  • Analysis and review of specific needs in the view of the approved sector policies
  • Definition of sector (or sub-sector) strategy and revenue/expenditure flows for investment.
  • Preparation of a medium term expenditure plan.

Programme Definition

  • Identifying in close coordination with line ministries and the EU Delegation, the criteria/benchmarks to be used by the SISSAF Steering Committee to evaluate the three sectors in order to benefit from support during Phase II.
  • Proposing to the Steering Committee a basic analysis of the different possibilities of the contractual set-up of Phase I in the different sectors.
  • Detailing SISSAF programme Logical Framework.
  • Ensuring efficient mechanisms for stakeholder and donor coordination.

Tender Preparation and Follow Up

  • Preparation of the Terms of Reference and the Tender Dossier for the SISSAF programme Phase I.
  • Contract implementation modalities adapted to the identified needs and in respect to the overall coordination requirements.
  • Delivering assistance and advice during the tendering process.

The rationale of this assignment is to assist the Delegation of the European Union and the ministries of Energy and Water, and Public Works and Transport to define, schedule and contract the Support Programme for Infrastructure Sector Strategies and Alternative Financing (SISSAF). This Programme aims at strengthening sector institutional capacities, coordination structures and leadership of the above-mentioned ministries in order to satisfy key eligibility criteria for Sector Budget Support in the sectors of water, energy and land transport for improved efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery and financial sustainability.

The project support is a combination of:

  • Needs assessment and fine-tuning of activities and results for the three sectors in close coordination with line ministries
  • Identifying the timing and eligibility criteria and benchmarks for evaluation of additional support in the three sectors
  • Identifying the implementation organisation required in respect to contracting deadlines and to prepare the tender dossiers of the SISSAF programme for the first round of support.

SISSAF tender was successfully published on August 10th 2012 under project reference EuropeAid/133349/C/SER/LB and was awarded to a contractor on October 17th 2013.

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