Private Sector Development

Pivotal to the development of the private sector is the key role played by enterprises of all sizes in driving the economic and social well-being of economies. Typically SMEs constitute a major source of employment, play an important role in promoting growth and generate significant domestic and export earnings. Central to achieving this is creating and sustaining a business environment in which the private sector can prosper with the minimum of regulatory burden. Creating a business-enabling environment requires action at many levels, such as enterprise policies, legislative issues, regulatory environment, financial measures and the development of appropriate business support services.

We participate in this process in areas such as:

  • Business development services to improve the competitiveness of companies in every area of their business – management, production, quality, packaging, marketing and exporting
  • Business environment policy and regulatory framework development that ensures the active participation of the private sector
  • Innovation and technology transfer to improve production processes, competitiveness, quality control systems and approach to international markets
  • Training for entrepreneurship development
  • Networking and information dissemination through Business Information Centres and Business Development Services
  • Producing bankable business plans