Export Development and Promotion

Our internationalisation services are designed for individual enterprises, producers, industry or export associations, as well as public sector Trade Promotion Organisations (TPO) and economic and trade-related ministries. Typically, and in summary, working with each of the above client categories involves the provision of the following services:

Enterprises, export groups – our engagement depends primarily on the level of advancement of the particular project, based upon which we tailor and schedule our services in accordance with the needs, priorities and resources of our client. We can service the needs of our clients with market research, mapping the market structure and identifying market access issues (applicable standards, duties/quotas, regulatory and legal frameworks) and identifying and profiling the key market players and the factors that influence their purchasing decisions. Based on the findings of this research we move to the development of a market entry or market expansion strategy in accordance with the objectives and resources of the company or group.

Export or Trade Promotion Organisations (TPOs), private sector associations and economic and trade-related ministries – our work with these categories of clients typically may involve our engagement at an early stage of the development or review of an export development or promotional strategy on a national, sectoral or value chain basis. We ensure that the strategy developed is carefully aligned with the policies of the government and reflects the objectives and priorities that may influence such policies. We support organisations to shape their overall strategy, both in terms of Trade Information and Export Promotion. We do this throughout the process of segmenting the enterprise base, structuring programmes that address the needs of the companies or sectors and developing specific action plans with clearly defined objectives according to available resources and the defined product-market or sector priorities, and systematically applying effective monitoring and evaluation tools.

Capacity-building – a key objective of our interventions is to build sustainable capacity and skills at employee and organisational level. Our capacity-building services include:

  • Setting up of Trade Information units

  • Defining Export Promotion programmes that are designed in accordance with the needs of groups or sectors that are targeted for support by the export promotion agency

  • Designing and delivering training programmes that not only focus on technical skill development but programmes that provide the optimum balance between technical skills development (e.g. market research methodologies, standards, etc) and managerial skills development (e.g. leadership, mentoring, work process improvements etc)